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You must be a resident of Moville, Danbury, Pierson, Hornick, Lawton, Bronson, Climbing Hill or a resident of the Rural Woodbury County. Call the library at
712-873-3322 to get your Bridges Card Number.

The BRIDGES collection offers fiction and nonfiction titles for all ages. You can check out ebooks and audiobooks through the library to read on your computer, phone or tablet. To Start reading or listening on your device at home you will need to install the Overdrive or Libby app; both are available on your device's app store.


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Use the directions below for the initial set up. If you encounter problems or need additional help, just stop at the library for assistance.

Once your app is set up, open Bridges to browse for ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, and more!

Overdrive Set-Up Instructions:

Steps 1-6 (initial set up ONLY) Skip to Step 7 for instructions on how to find materials to check out.

1. Find and install the Overdrive app from the AppStore.

2. Once installed, open the app.

3. Click "Sign in". It will redirect you to another page, where you will click "Sign in using library card".

4. Click Search by Location and type in "51039" for the area code and then "Go".

5. Select "Woodbury County Library". After you do this, you will have to select our library from the drop-down menu again by scrolling down to the W's (for Woodbury County Library) and select "Woodbury County  Library".

6. After you've selected our library, a login will appear. Enter your library card number or password if you have set one up. Then click Sign In.

7. Now you may add titles to your bookshelf. If your bookshelf is already open, you may click the icon that says "Add a Title", it will redirect you to the Bridges Website.

8. If your bookshelf is not open, you can click the 3 lines in the upper left-hand side to open the menu and you can either open the bookshelf and follow the directions in step 7 or just click the "Bridges" button right in the menu.

9. You will need to sign in on Bridges using your library card, if it did not log in automatically, it should save your information after doing this the first time.

10. Once logged back in you are now able to browse, search, and check out materials to your device.

Libby Set-Up Instructions:

*You will only need to follow these steps for the initial set up. Once set up, skip to step 9.

1. Find and install the Libby app from the AppStore.

2. Once installed, open the app.

3. The app will ask you if you have a library card, Click Yes.

4. Click I'll Search for a Library and enter "51039" for the zip code.

5. Click the one that says "Woodbury County Library"

6. You will need to click on "Woodbury County Library"

7. Enter your card number and select sign in.

8. Once your Card is loaded, click Next and it will open Bridges, where you are now able to browse, search, and check out materials to your device.

9. Once open, click on "Library" in the lower-left corner to browse Bridges or click on "Shelf" in the lower right corner to see/open the materials you have checked out.

Books and eAudio will check out for 2 weeks (and can be returned early!). Titles will automatically expire at the end of the lending period. This service is free with your library card.  You can find BRIDGES items on our catalog or search the BRIDGES website...



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