Pierson Public Library

Pierson Public Library

Pierson Winter Hours

Oct. 1 to May 1

Monday and Wednesday. . 10:00 - 2:30

Thurs . . 3:00 - 6:30


Pierson Summer Hours

May 1 to Oct. 1

Monday and Wednesday. . 10:00 - 2:30

Thursday . . 4:00 - 7:00

In 1902, Pierson boasted of a "Literary and Reading Club" magazines and papers were donated by the 26 members. The reading room was located in the basemanet of the McGraw Store, interest soon lagged and the club disbanded.

 December 1912, a Library Association was formed. The library was in the town hall and books were sent from the Iowa State Traveling Library.

February of 1935, The Pierson Federated Women's Club organized a library and purchased books and received donated books.

A state law was passed in 1947 making it possible to organize a County Library to serve the rural residents of a county if approved by a vote of the rural residents. The Woodbury County Library was organized in 1948. In 1951 The Women's Club agreed to turn the running of the Pierson Library over to the County Library, a vote by the city council gave their approval  and Pierson joined the Woodbury County Library System. At that time in addition to the City Library, a bookmobile delivered books to rural schools as well as the City Library.

The library was housed in the front room of an apartment owned by Myrtle Irwin. The library later moved to a room in the Floyd Nafe building and was there for several years. It was determined there was not enough room for all the books, so books were rotated each month from the County Library. Following this the library moved to a room in the Jim Harvey and Dana Vanorsdel's Insurance Agency. When the Angency moved to Kingsley the library moved to the larger room. Story Hour was held at the Community Building and other locations with the librarian bringing books for the preschoolers to the Story Hour site.  In 1999, a Pierson Library Friends group was formed with more space and technology being the primary concern.  August of 2000, the library, with the support of the Library Friends and the Woodbury County Library moved the library to the office space of the old Woodbridge Veterinary Clinic owned by Todd Henrich. 

When it was decided to build a new middle school in Pierson, the Library Friends negotiated with the school board to combine the public library with the Middle School Library. In 2002, the Library moved again to the KP Middle School. When changes occurred that all school doors remain locked during school hours, Pierson Council decided to move the library. In 2017 a MRHD grant awarded to the city of Pierson helped renovate a section of the City Hall building and a second MRHD grant awarded to the Pierson Library in 2019 helped expand the renovated area which was finished in 2020. (Information taken from Pierson, Iowa 1883-2008 book, page18).

The Pierson Public Library is now located at 201 Main St. Pierson in the same building as the Pierson City Hall.