Cord Memorial Library

Cord Memorial Library

215 Main Street 

Danbury, Iowa




Tuesday:  2:00-6:00

Wednesday: 2:00-6:00

Thursday: 2:00-6:00

(1st and 3rd Thursday's 2:00-8:00)

Book Club



Danbury Library:In 1940, a group of town women met and discussed ways to start a town library. Books were collected, sorted and carded.  A building across the street from Canty's Filling Station (south) could be used rent-free. Some shelves and furniture were donated. The women wanted to make money to purchase books. These were war years and both tin and paper were valuable, so they had a drive for paper and tin. Henry Dimig (trucker) hauled several loads to Sioux City Junk Yard, where it was sold and they made a considerable amount of money that was used to purchase books. The first Chairman of the Danbury Library Association was Mrs. Henry Diming and the first Librarian was Derene Towers, daughter of Burr and Ethel Towers. (Information from the The History of Danbury 1865-1965 The first 100 years pages 250-251).


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