Collections Policy

These policies govern what materials are available in the library, and how computers are to be used in the library.

Materials Selection/Collection Development Policy

  1. The purpose of the Woodbury County Library is to provide qualifying individuals with carefully selected books and other materials in the pursuit of education, information, research and creative use of leisure time.
  • Because of the volume of publishing, as well as limitations on the budget and physical space, the library must have a selection policy with which to meet the interests and needs of adults and children who are served through the main library, the branch libraries and the deposits and the bookmobile.  books come in many formats (hardbound, paperback, large print, video, audio) and decisions  must be made wisely to accomodate the budget and requests.  The materials selection/collection development policy is used by the library staff and director in the selection of materials and also serves to acquaint the general public of the principles of selection and guidelines which must be followed
  • Responsibility for Selection
    • The ultimate responsibility for selection of library materials rests with the director who operates within the framework of policies determined by the Woodbury County Library Board of Trustees.  This responsibility may be shared with other members of the staff.  However, because the director must be available to answer to the library board and general public for actual selections made, the director has the authority to reject or select any item contrary to recommendations of the staff.
  • Criteria for Selection
    1. The main points considered in the selection of materials are:
      1. individual merit of each item
      2. popular appeal or demand
      3. suitability of material for patrons
      4. existing library holdings
      5. budget
    2. Book reviews are a major source of information about new books, audio cassettes, and other materials
  • Inter Library Loan
    • because of limited budget and space, the library cannot provide all material that are requested.  therefore, interlibrary loan is used to obtain from other libraries those materials that are beyond the scope of the Woodbury County Library's collection.  In return for utilizing interlibrary loan to satisfy the needs of our patrons, the Woodbury County Library agrees to lend its materials to other libraries through the same interlibrary loan network.
  • Gifts and Donations
    • The Woodbury County Library will accept donations of books and other collection materials.  Once donated, the books and other materials will become the property of the library, and the library reserves the right to use and dispose of them in the manner that is most useful to the library.  This could include adding them to the collection, sending them to other libraries or deposits, placing them on a used book sale, or disposing of them.  By law, the library is not allowed to appraise the value of donated items.  However, the director can provide an acknowledgement  of receipt of the items if requested by the donor.
  • Storage
    • The Woodbury County Library does accept and store information, photos, histories, facts and data from Woodbury County families, organizations and communities upon request.  However, this information is accepted at the discretion of the director and does become the property of the Woodbury County Library and is kept on file or in storage at the library facility, taking into account the space availability, content, and value of the information to patrons, present and future.  the director will not dispose of information without the support and agreement of other staff members.
  • Weeding
    • An up-to-date, attractive and useful collection is maintained through a continual withdrawal and replacement process.  replacement of worn volumes id dependent upon current demand, usefulness, more recent acquisitions, and availability of newer editions.  This on-going process of weeding is the responsibility of the director and is authorized by the Woodbury County Library Board of Trustees.
  • Potential Problems or Challenges
    • The Woodbury County Library recognizes that some materials may be controversial and that any given item may offend some patrons.  Selection of materials will not be made on the basis of anticipated approval or disapproval, but solely on the basis of the principles in this policy.  The responsibility for reading by children rests with their parents or legal guardians.  Selection of library materials will not be inhibited by the possibility that materials may come into the possession of children.  Library materials will not be marked or identified to show approval or disapproval of the contents, and no library materials will be sequestered except to protect it from theft or damage.
  • Challenged Materials
    • Although materials are carefully selected, there can arise differences of opinion regarding suitable materials.  Patrons requesting material be withdrawn from or restricted within the collection may complete a "Statement of Concern About Library Resources" form which is available in the library.  The inquiry will be handled by the director.  The matter will be brought to the attention of the members of the library board and placed on the agenda of the next regular meeting only if all parties involved are not satisfied with the decision of the director.